The experience Lisbon Challenge

Good Morning Fidiliters!!!

As you know since last March 30 we are having an adventure in Lisbon Challenge 2015, Portugal.

Lisbon is been the quintessential entrepreneurial region in 2015 and the fifth largest technology center in the world, according to “Entrepreneur”, the magazine for entrepreneurs.


What is Lisbon Challenge?

Lisbon Challenge is a business accelerator aimed to lovers of new technologies and startups in prototype stage. There are participants from many points at European level and duration, which is what we will be in Portugal, for 3 months.

Currently the Lisbon Challenge has over 200 mentors and inversors aimed at boosting growth startups involved there.



What are you interested?

If you are an entrepreneur or want to undertake this kind of programs can offer you consistent methods and resources to accelerate your startup.

Also, it is good access to enter the European market and obtain funding to do so.

At the moment, we have made several presentations and contacts from of Networking, and from now seek to meet with many of the mentors and internacional investors as well as participate in workshops, seminars and speech.

What do we want to achieve?

Present our product, give more publicity to our business model, obtaining funding form investors and further develop our business both nationally and internationally. Those are the goals we have set for harness all our Portuguese experience.


Everybody wins!

We will continue working in Lisbon until 5 of June to further improve our company, our app and, of course, the quality of your service.